Friday, July 23, 2010

Feathers and furs

A few pictures of beasts and birds, all with the exception of the Roo family, from the last few days around the Port Douglas area.

Beasts from top to bottom: Kangaroo family (if you enlarge the photo you might share my hunch that dad Roo is of a mind to expand the family); wallaby mom and little one; wallaby baby portrait; and a Koala who peeked briefly before going back to sleep (we found out that these guys eat eucalypt leaves for four hours a day, then sleep for 20 hrs, apparently because some "toxin" in the leaves requires long and leisurely digestion -- me thinks the toxin might just be some delicious drug that send the Koala to LaLaLand -- in any case, the life of a Koala cant be all bad).

Birds: Rosy-crowned fruit dove; double-barred finch; the marvelous forest kingfisher; the male Red-winged parrot.

For those interested, a few more of my Aussie bird photos are here If I wasn't having so much fun and a faster internet connection, I'd post lots more. Eventually ....

Tomorrow Brenda is going on all-day outer reef trip and I am going birding. Would love to see the reefs but I am a water-dreading landlubber. Brenda has been practicing with the camera, so some pics might find there way here.

Some rainforest pictures coming next time.
Rose-crowned Fruit Dove

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